From Executive Director
Shifu/Sensei Koré Grate

We Find Our Path

As women who train and have trained in the martial arts for days, months or many years, we develop tools that can assist us during times of duress- not only with physical techniques, but ways to keep our bodies healthy, our minds clear, and our spirits rising. 

We can pay attention and focus on what we “can do” rather than what we “can’t do”-using our training, our brilliance, our empathy, our knowledge-to be our best during this global upheaval.

Using our Skills-We Find our Path.

The “six degrees of separation” is now the “six feet of social distancing”.  

Many states are on the “Shelter at Home or Stay at Home” mandate-shutting down all “non-essential” business’. From March 20-May 1, my state of Minnesota has closed ALL fitness centers, martial arts dojos, massage and tattoo shops, in addition to any gathering places.  

This is manifesting ways to stay engaged differently.

Using our Minds-We Find our Path.

On social media I have seen many of you doing wonderfully inventive ways to keep your mind, body and spirits active and healthy, as well as trainings online with your students and teachers.  Reaching out to one another to check in, offering kindness and support-as well as humor.

At FEMA (Five Element Martial Arts & Healing Center) we have been using (see FEMA updated topics below) online classes/chats during the times we would normally be having classes via  ZOOM. (zoom link)

Being Creative-We find our Path.

My wife Jan who is a grounded American Airlines 777 Captain, my dog Oreo and I have been walking three miles a day around the lakes, finding new trails with less people, practicing Taiji and Qigong, checking on/talking with neighbors (at a distance or via texts) playing cards and Wii, cleaning our home, catching up on “to do lists”, working upstairs in the art studio… and the list keeps developing.

Slowing Down-We find our Path.

Even though it has been said many times-know that we are in this together-the whole world together.  Remember to be kind and be patient, and as my Mom always said “This too Shall Pass”.  Let us go through this and flourish, grow and become stronger.

Being Together-We find our Path. 

Please go to website and log on to FORUMS

 for more creative ways members have engaged their students/teachers during this time.


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