Doris Eastbury

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Began training: 1987


Chung Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do - 4th Dan; Modern Arnis - 3rd Dan; Shito-ryu Karate - 3rd Dan

Hall of Fame Award:

2018 - 30 years

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Stanwood, WA




Doris Eastbury

I started training In Shito-Ryu Karate on June 11th 1987. I achieved my 1st degree black belt June 26th 1993. I have since continued training and teaching. I am currently a 3rd degree black belt In Shito-Ryu Karate.

I am a 4th degree black belt In Chung Moo Kwan tae kwon do(TKO). I started training in TKO & modern arnis the summer of 1992. I achieved my black belt in TKO September 17th 1995, 2nd degree July 26th 1997, 3rd degree In 2003 and my master 4th degree in March of 2017. In modern arnis my 1st degree was March 24th 1996, 2nd degree February of 1999 and my 3rd degree in 2003.

Teaching martial arts is my passion! Being able to see students of all ages grow, not just In martial arts but in all areas of their lives. To know I have played a part in them achieving their goals no matter how lofty they may be.
Every year during summer camps my students do a fill a back-pack for school children and donate personal care packages for the homeless. During the holidays my students do food drives to give back to the community. I make it fun by having a friendly challenge with another martial arts school In town to see which school can donate the most. My students learn to think of others that may be down on their luck. Community is very important to me. I teach in the town I was born and raised in and want to pass on the lesson of looking out for others and not just you. I instill in my students not to judge, but to help others. I do free women's self defense classes to church groups, school faculty and anyone else that asks me to share my knowledge and skills on self defense. I work with my local sheriffs groups to inform and teach them on ways to approach, defuse situations, protect themselves and disarm suspects without relying on weapons as a first resort. I have competed in tournaments from local, state, regional, national to international world competitions. I no longer compete anymore but coach my students and judge at local tournaments. My last tournament was the World Kabuto Cup where I won 1st in the women's division. Martial Arts Is not Just a job and training for me. It Is my lifelong passion. I hope to keep training and teaching until my lord calls me home.

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