Delina Fuchs

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Danzan Ryu Jujitsu - 6th Dan; Jo Jitsu; Aikido/Aikijitsu;Musoshinden Ryu Iaido; Nishio Ryu Iaido

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2012 - 30 years

2018 - 40 years

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Chico, CA




Delina FuchsSensei Delina Fuchs began her studies at Chico Kodenkan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Professor Bud Estes and Sensei Richard Radcliffe in January 1978. She has trained for over 40 years in DZR Jujitsu in Chico, California and has been a member of the American
Judo and Jujitsu Federation since 1978. She also studies Aikido, Iaido, and Jojitsu; each for over 30 years, now holding a black belt in Nishio Ryu Tohi Iaido She has been Dojo Cho at Chico Kodenkan since 1996, adding Jojitsu and Iaido classes to her teaching after her original sensei
retired from Chico Kodenkan. She has co-hosted the AJJF’s annual Brown Belt Weekend in Chico, CA and was the director of both the 2010 and 2014 AJJF National Conventions.
Delina is grateful for her current sensei, Prof. Jane Carr (10th Dan), who has been her DZR sensei since 1996, and Shihan Dara Masi, who has been her Iaido sensei since 2014, allowing her to  continue her sword training in Nishio Ryu Toho Iaido and adding Hojojitsu to her training.
Sensei Delina took the Esoteric Principles of Danzan Ryu literally when it says, “Do not disdain or regard lightly either literary or military art; each is important and deserves equal cultivation and respect.” Having earned her B.A. in Physical Education, she continued her formal education earning an MA in English and has taught English and martial arts at Butte College since 1998.
She has been a massage therapist for over 30 years, certified in DZR Restorative Therapy. She is currently apprenticing to become an acupuncturist with master teacher, author, and acupuncturist, Michael Turk L.Ac.
Sensei Delina was inducted into the AWMAI Hall of Fame in 2013. She had the opportunity to attend two Okugi taught by Professor Tony Janovich (10th Dan) and was awarded her Kaidensho and title of Kyoshi in 2003 and Shihan in 2013.
Her life has been blessed with many mentors and students, and as a result, Sensei Delina Fuchs has dedicated her life to teaching and training all who would engage in the journey with her.

2011 AJJF National Jujitsu Kata Gold Medalist, Sandan and Above Division
2009 AJJF National Jujitsu Freestyle Silver Medalist, Sandan and Above Division
1998 National AAU Jujitsu Kata Bronze Medalist, Sandan and Above Division
1996 National AAU Jujitsu Kata Chamption, Gold Medalist, Sandan and Above Div.
Five Regional DZR Jujitsu Tournament Championships; many regional wins

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