Debbie Leung

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Began training: 1978

Styles/Arts: Jiang Style Baguazhang, Taijiquan, Qigong;
Wu Style Taijiquan, Liangong, Qigong;
Northern Shaolin Soaring Dragon Fist;
Feminists In Self-defense Training (FIST);
Shito Ryu Karate

Hall of Fame Award:

2012 - 30 years

2019 - 40 years

Other Awards:



Olympia, WA




Debbie LeungDebbie Leung started her martial arts practice in 1978 with Shito-ryu karate. In 1981, training began in Northern Shaolin kung-fu in Olympia, WA, where she learned about herself as well as the art. Its traditional foundation carried over to advanced Taiji and Qigong training in 1994 with Master Wen Mei Yu in Liangong, Qigong, and Wu Style Taijiquan. In 2007, Debbie began learning Baguazhang and is deepening her understanding of internal arts with Master Su Zifang.
Debbie has been teaching since 1979 in the Olympia, WA area and beyond. She actively supports women in martial arts through her support of PAWMA by teaching at many camps and having helped coordinate two of them, one of which was held jointly with NWMAF. She edited the PAWMA News for ten years and also taught at two AWMAI conferences.
Her school, Chinese Healing & Movement Arts, is an official branch of Jian Mei Internal Martial Arts established by Master Wen Mei Yu, a PAWMA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. While martial applications will always be an interest, Debbie now mostly uses the Chinese movement arts to help people through their health issues, especially as they age. Amazed by how much she continues to learn from her students, she also appreciates the increased understanding that comes from continued years of practice.
Debbie taught the feminist/empowerment model of self-defense classes to women and teens in her community for years and after a break, is now offering instruction to targeted communities. She is the author of SELF-DEFENSE: The Womanly Art of Self-Care, Intuition, and Choice (R&M Press, 1991).
The physical and mental challenges of competitive figure skating for the past 20 years have added new dimensions that enhance and reinforce her martial arts foundation.

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