Ideas for ONLINE STUDY during the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

  • 15 Mar 2020 3:47 PM
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    We decided to close the our Dojo-and offer ZOOM chats on the nights/days we usually would hold classes.  I sent out files for them to review about our lineage and history of the arts so they can update their notebooks-which are required for rank levels.
    Since all of the schools and universities around us closed, we thought it was proactive to follow this protocol to be the safest as in our arts, we touch alot!  

    Please post what you are doing in your DOJO/SCHOOL! 

    This was the email I sent out today:
    Dear FEMA Family:

    We have a plan in regards to the COVID19 Virus Pandemic & Classes at FEMA:  

    FROM MARCH 17-APRIL 7: (April 8 Wednesday will be the first class back-TBD)FEMA CLASSES will be ONLINE CHATS/RESEARCH-STAY HOME ONLY(no classes held at FEMA) 

    -For Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:30P Classes: We are creating a ZOOM-“STUDY GROUP” for the adult/teen classes that will be available so you can have a group chat with Megan. She will be leading and will send out  information on how to join during our regular class times on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Any FEMA student can join in!

       ALL STUDENTS: While at home: work on developing/writing in your notebooks.  If you are planning on testing in the near future-research/study the criteria for your next belt test -especially the first paragraph of principles, history, teachers, etc. If you have the space, practice your forms each week. 

    -For Iaido Students:  Please practice at Home!  Do some research on the history and lineage of Iaido, and add more or start your notebook!

    -For The Little Elements: Homework: WRITE A SHORT STORY about the Five Elements,  and about what you have learned so far in the martial arts.  The final will be due on APRIL 8th at Class (unless otherwise noted).  You can also start a NOTEBOOK!  And go over the requirements for purple stripes.  

    -For Taiji/Qigong Students: PRACTICE each day at home to build your immune systems!

    NOTE!-The MARCH 23 Self Defense Class will be MOVED to APRIL 27th Monday 6-8PM


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