Running ZOOM online classes during COVID-19

  • 28 Mar 2021 6:48 PM
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    25 Apr 2020 8:36 AMKoré Grate
    As Martial Artists-NO TOUCH is not something we normally practice in Martial Arts and Self Defense training. Staying at Home/Shelter in Place is keeping our schools/dojos closed-forcing us to learn ways to teach our curriculum from our computers.

    At FEMA-starting in March-we set up online classes using ZOOM to teach information the students need for rank promotion-the history of the arts, the lineage of our teachers teachers, the principles of etiquette and theory, emergency procedures in the dojo, "the NOTEBOOK curriculum".   For the Taiji/Qigong Class we have been practicing together-Liangong Series One & Two and led guided mediations a few times-with the students lying down and listening.  I just added "Storytelling by Shifu" for the Little Elements Class and read "Three Samurai Cats"-and then had a short discussion about the message it sent.  For the Iaido Class-they have been studying the history of the Sword.  In the weeks to come, I will add physical, mental and spiritual activities to keep everyone engaged.  It has been a challenge to only teach via Lecture/Discussion versus Moving Classroom and Workouts!  It's not easy to talk for 40 minutes, and then open up the gallery for questions..especially when some of them have a hard time UNMUTE-ing themselves!  

    The younger students have online school Mon-Friday and they have been sitting at a computer for many hours!  I tell those students to make sure they do Qigong, move around, shake like a wet dog, or do jumping jacks every hour!  Adults too!

    We keep going- I know this group of leaders in the martial arts and self defense are constantly thinking about HOW to keep their students involved and practicing.  Please share your inventive ways!


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